Corn Seed

Corn Seed
Item Type: Seed
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Grow Time? 13 min 30 sec
Grow Time? (Greenhouse) 6 min 45 sec
Weight: 0.03kg/0.06lbs
Examine Text: "For growing corn."       

Corn Seeds are one of the five seeds in game that grow fresh vegetables/fruits. This item is used to grow Fresh Corn. These seeds are most commonly found in farms and the botanist shop, located in Alberton. They can also be found in civilian areas and houses. They can be crafted by placing corn onto the crafting menu, giving one seed from moldy corn and two from fresh corn.

The corn seed will grow corn when placed on grassy ground, fertile soil or on greenhouse foundations. Like any other crop, players are able to use Fertilizer to instantly grow it. When ready to harvest, using the action key (F) to spawn one fresh corn on the crop's position, thus making the crop disappear.


  • When fully grown their hit boxes become tall enough that they can be used as cover to take incoming shots
  • You can crouch or prone inside a corn seedling but you can't stand back up until you move outside of the seedling


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