This article is about the action of preparing food. For information on the skill, see the Cooking Skill.

Cooking is the preparation of food either through the use of heat or ingredient assembly. Cooking requires ingredient(s) as well as a campfire or oven to conduct the crafting of cooking products. The process of cooking typically makes the ingredients more spatially compact and/or allows for more effective food consumption.

For example, cooking raw venison removes any Immunity decrease and adds to the amount of hunger gained from consuming the cooked venison

Instructions on how to cook

  1. To cook, you need to be within a short range of a Campfire. This range is often indicated by the appearance of a thermometer icon with an upward arrow in cold environments like at night-time or in the Yukon map.
  2. When in range of a Campfire, open up the crafting menu (Default = Y) and navigate to the crafting menu where you see the raw fish/meat being crafted into cooked fish/meat. Click on that cooking recipe and the cooked fish/meat should appear in your inventory .



Ingredients Output Cooking Level
Raw Venison Cooked Venison 1
Raw Salmon Cooked Salmon 1
Raw Trout Cooked Trout 1
Pork Bacon 1
Raw Beef Cooked Beef 1


Ingredients Output Cooking Level
2 Bread +

1 Cheese +

1 Canned Ham

Ham Sandwich 2
2 Bread +

1 Canned Bacon +

1 Lettuce +

1 Tomato

BLT Sandwich 2
2 Bread +

1 Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 2
2 Bread +

1 Canned Tuna

Tuna Sandwich 2


Ingredients Output Cooking Level
3 Wheat +

1 Milk Box +

1 Eggs

Cake 3
4 Berry +

1 Milk Box +

1 Eggs

Berry Pie 3
3 Pumpkin +

1 Milk Box +

1 Eggs

Pumpkin Pie 3
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