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Confederation Bridge Confederation Bridge 3.0.png

Loot Spawns: Military, Police, Civilian
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Medium

Confederation Bridge is the main bridge connecting Canada to PEI. It is found at the shoreline between Alberton and the Summerside Military Base .


The Confederation Bridge has a medical tent, a military tent, a Tank, and many demolished civilian vehicles on the other side. Military zombies, civilian zombies, and a Mega Zombie can spawn here. Also, there are boulders underneath the bridge.


  • The bridge was blown up to stop the spread of infection according to the Mission Briefing 22:09 note.
  • In reality, the Confederation Bridge is an 12.9km/8mi concrete box-girder bridge spanning between Cape Jourimain and Borden-Carleton, and is the only link between Prince Edward Island and mainland Canada, aside from the Wood Islands-Caribou ferry.

Confederation Bridge

Confederation bridge overview.png
Location Type: Bridge
Size: Long
Zombie Population: Small

The Confederation Bridge is a military location in Prince Edward Island. It is a bridge which is located near Alberton and the O'Leary Military Base. About 4-8 military zombies spawn around the checkpoint, while 5-6 civilian zombies spawn near the vehicles.


The bridge has tents in front of it, containing medical supplies in the medic tent (red tent with white cross) and military-grade items in the green tent. When going forward, there is a Tank and some sort of checkpoint, but a hole is present with falling vehicles.

Military loot can be found by the tank stood on the bridge. This loot ranges from Sandbags to Magazine Attachments.


A Steam Achievement can be obtained by going to the end of the Confederation Bridge, where the Player will find an invisible wall and get the Achievement


  • There is a text saying "Death is mad" under the bridge, which is a reference to a Player and this Wiki's administrator.
  • According to Nelson's Trello page, the gap between the portion of the bridge and the rest of the bridge was caused by the Tank.
  • The Confederation Bridge is an 12.9 kilometer (8 mile) concrete box-girder bridge, and is the only link between Prince Edward Island and mainland Canada.

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