Clothing is a category of equipable items in Unturned which can be worn by the player. Clothing items vary in size, color, and grade.


Inventory Space

Other than backpacks, clothing provides a small amount of space which is quite useful when carrying many items at once. All types of clothing have the capacity to allow any firearm to be carried in the clothing's inventory (Generally, 1 for long firearms or 2 for small firearms). The only kind of clothing capable of providing Inventory space are bodywear, legwear and outer clothing (Such as Sweatervests).


Clothing can provide protection depending on which body part has been hit. Legwear can protect the legs, bodywear can protect both arms and body, and various headwear protect parts of the head. The grade of the item indicates the effectiveness of its protection and utility. For example, a vest being police-grade would show that it is much better than the civilian counterpart, but worse than military-grade (Excluding the ghillie set).

Different kinds of clothing provide different amounts of protection (damage multiplier), as well as inventory space.


It is important to wear at least 3 types of clothing to allow users to survive winter-themed areas. Its grade or type wouldn't affect warmth in any way as they are all the same. However, face and neck items don't provide warmth.


  • In Unturned 1, each clothing provide different amounts of warmth. Wearing too much clothing would cause you to overheat, especially when in a vehicle.
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