Civilian Zombie

Aggressive? Yes
Health: 100%
Location: Civilian locations.
Drops: Varies

Civilian Zombies are a type of zombie found in civilian locations. Like any other kind of zombie, they are aggressive NPCs which can chase the player when in their line of vision.

Civilian Zombies are the most common type of zombie, more common than military zombies and civil servant zombies. Like all zombies except mega zombies, all civilian zombies have 100 health and deal 15 damage per hit by default, unless they are of the crawler or sprinter type.


Civilian Zombies appear in 8 types: Prisoner Zombies, Civilian Zombies, Farmer Zombies, Lumberjack Zombies, Construction Workers, Chefs, Scientists, Militia Zombies, and Grocer Zombies. Civilian Zombies vary in clothing.


  • Prisoner: commonly found in prisons, chance of spawning in police stations.
  • Civilian Zombie: commonly found in cities/towns, they are scattered throughout the map.
  • Farmer Zombie: commonly found in farms.
  • Lumberjack Zombie: found in the campgrounds of all maps.
  • Construction Worker Zombie: spawns at various cities, often near construction sites and industrial areas. Also found in airports.
  • Chef Zombie: usually found in cities, often near diners, cafes, and the bistro.
  • Grocer Zombie: always found near grocers.
  • Militia Zombie: exclusively found in their two hideouts.(Holmans Isle in PEI and Heritage Valley in Washington)
  • Medic Zombie: commonly found in or near the Scorpion 7 facility, Pharmacies,Practitioners, Hospitals, and in medical tents throughout all maps.
  • Pilot Zombie: Wearing pilot clothes, are found exclusively in airports.
  • Hazmat Zombie:Wearing hazmat (BioHazard Gear) gear, found in Scorpion-7 locations and deadzones.


  • In the Canada map, and Unturned Classic, the clothing of civilian zombies may vary.
  • Militia Zombies spawn in only two locations, Holman's Isle In PEI and Heritage Valley in Washington. Criminal Zombies also wear exclusively hoodies and bandanas. Their hideouts spawn ranger grade items.
  • Due to damage reduction, all zombies wearing hats are slightly harder to kill via head-based damage. This includes (but is not limited to) farmers, chefs, and- most importantly- construction workers, whose helmets have the highest damage reduction of any headgear except the military helmets.
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