Civilian Locations are locations found all over the Playable Maps. These areas are notable for being the easiest places to start in, since common weapons, food, crafting materials, and other kinds of items spawn in them.



Stratford, a very wealthy town located east of Summerside.

More than 60% of the locations are civilian locations, making it the most common type of location. The category further divides into towns, campgrounds, farms, and others. These subcategories spawn different kinds of loot. For example, farms spawn Masterkeys and Compound Bows while towns spawn 1911s and Baseball Bats


Alberton, home of the S.S. Haven.

Here is a list of places which are considered civilian:

Towns - Towns are major civilian locations where lots of buildings are present. These areas are known for having shops and houses, which spawn different kinds of loot.

Campgrounds - A very small location. They are the same as towns, except smaller and spawn common loot. Campgrounds often have a variety of tents.

Farms -  A type of location where barns, wells and wheat fields are present. These areas are known for spawning Masterkeys, Compound Bows, and Crossbows. There are currently four separate farms; Wiltshire Farm, Fernwood Farm, Wellington Farm, and Tignish Farm.

Special Areas - These locations are different to other locations, therefore they don't fit into other subcategories. One example is the Bunker on Holman Island. Some civilian locations are part of military locations, like the Confederation Bridge.

Civilian Locations:

Locations in PEI:





Locations in Yukon:

Frozen Bodies of Water:




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