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Item Type: Storage
Slots: 6
Equippable: Yes
Empilable: Yes
Weight: 0.6kg/1.32lbs
Examine Text: Large locked box.

The chest is a storage item able to contain 6 different items with infinite weight tolerance. A player can open the chest by pressing the interact key (F by default). The chest is not accessible by anyone except the player who created it and members of their group making it a good way to store valuables. If the chest is destroyed anything in the chest will end up on the floor.

Was removed in a early version of the game. It is not in 3.0 and most likely will not make a reappearance.

How to Obtain

The Chest is only obtainable by crafting the item using the recipe below.

Crafting Recipe

How To Make

Item conditions


  • The Chest stores more items than the Crate and the Metal Locker.
  • Items inside the chest are protected from theft.


  • The Chest is 0.1kg heavier than the crate, making it inefficient for the player to carry it in their inventory when stacked.
  • It doesn't allow friends to open it, unless they're a group member.
  • Even though it doesn't allow other to open it, it is still vulnerable to players who can destroy it with a melee weapon or explosive, which will drop its content upon being destroyed.



Unturned Craft 6 Slot Storage Chest-0


  • Chests were added in update 2.0.8.
  • It is the third option that players can use to store items. The other two being Crates and Metal Lockers
  • It is currently the largest storage container in the game having 6 storage slots.
  • The chest can only be accessed by the player who placed it or someone within the same group as the player.
  • Any chests placed before entering a group will remain private to the one who placed it
  • Like any other storage item, the chest has no weight limit, meaning items can be infinitely stacked unlike your player inventory.
  • It takes a total of 2 Logs and 24 Sticks to craft one chest. Alternatively, if you have access to a Handsaw, it takes a total of 14 Boards, 6 of which will be turned into sticks.
  • There is an occasional glitch that will lock the owner, and anyone else, out of the chest. There is currently no known fix. When a chest is bugged, it becomes indestructible.

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