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Chainsaw 490.png
File Chainsaw
ID 490
Rarity Uncommon
Type Melee Weapon
Slots 6 Slots (3x2)
Equip Secondary
Range 2 meters • 2.18723 yards
Durability 15% degrade chance
Player Damage
Damage 25
Zombie Damage
Damage 25
Animal Damage
Damage 25
Miscellaneous Damage



The Chainsaw is an Uncommon Melee Weapon in Unturned 3 that can only be found in Farms or rarely dropped by Lumberjack or Farmer Zombies. It has a medium reach and can be used constantly, without any form of fuel.

As well as being an effective melee weapon, it allows players to chop down trees for logs efficiently by dealing a lot of resource damage.




  • Scrap Metal (x4) + Chainsaw (damaged) = Chainsaw (100%)



  • The Chainsaw is one of the only three automatic melee weapons in the game (the others being the Blowtorch and Jackhammer), and removes swing timing as a factor when attacking.
  • It is effective in dealing with crowds, as one can circle a group of zombies and deal steady damage to the entire mob. It also can stun zombies.
  • Its constant attacking speed allows its decent damage to couple up into a massive effect.
  • Can chop down trees quicker than either type of axe or other weapons.


  • Using the Chainsaw in any way will produce a lot of noise, making stealth an impossibility when using it.
  • When using, it is possible to experience a drop in FPS with slower computers.
  • Using the Chainsaw, even when not chopping trees or attacking, will degrade it.
  • It is much rarer than other tree cutting tools, namely the Camp Axe and Fire Axe.


  • The Chainsaw has been added to the game.
  • Added damage against Objects, set at 10.
  • Tweaked Chainsaw and Jackhammer to alert zombies in a larger area. [Increased to 24m from 8m]


  • The Chainsaw requires no fuel, despite the fact that real-life chainsaws need fuel, or electricity via an outlet plug or battery, to operate.
  • If you hold down left click, then click tab and release left click, the Chainsaw will continue to function, making long, repetitive tasks (such as tearing down old buildings) a lot easier.
  • Until the 2.1.5 patch, the Chainsaw sound was bugged causing the sound effect to stop after 0.5 seconds of playing, meaning it would produce a strange looped audio sound.
  • Although it does less damage, its DPS is much higher than the strongest melee weapon in the game due to its constant hit rate.
  • The Chainsaw can still chop down trees if at 0% durability. But it will take about ~10 seconds to chop it down.
  • The Chainsaw, strangely, can be used normally while diving underwater.


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