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ID 3502
Seats 2
Trunk 15 Storage (5x3)
Forward 31kph
Backward 14kph
Brake 24
File Name Cerberus
Special Cam_Follow_Distance 11 • Passenger_Explosion_Armor 0.3 • Bumper_Multiplier 2 • Traction • Crawler
Explosion 20
Exit 4

The Cerberus is a Mythical Car in Unturned 3. It has two seats: the driver seat and the Mutiple Rocket Launch System operator's seat.


Greece: The Cerberus can be found very rarely at the scarce Military Locations around the map, more often found at Meteora Military Base and Trinity Monastery.


At the front of the Cerberus it appears to have had 3 windows, 2 shut off with metal plates, and the third left open, armored with metal shutters, finishing off with 2 rectangular headlights.

It also has treads similar to those of a Tank's, with a MRLS Launcher mounted in the rear.


  • Has a large health value.
  • Resistant to small-arms fire.
  • Driver and passenger are well protected, with only minor vulnerability to gunfire.


  • Has a considerably low Top Speed.
  • The ammunition for the MRLS is hard to find, pods are quite large in the Inventory (15 slots, 5x3).
  • Vehicle is extremely rare, has very low spawn chance.
  • Mounted MRLS turret has a slow reload time.


  • It was the first and is possible the only Mythical Vehicle in Unturned.
  • The etymology comes from Greek mythology, in which Cerberus is the multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld.
  • It is based on the real-world MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System vehicle.
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