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|[[Tree Branch]]
|[ Tree Branch]

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Weapons are items which can be used to damage NPCs and players. There are two types of weapons, melee weapons and ranged weapons. Hitting an enemy in the head with any attack, with either type of weapon or unarmed, will also deal extra damage.


This page lists the weapons of Unturned along with a summary of information for each. As the major categories of melee weapons and ranged weapons are not completely comparable sharing at least somewhat different methods of use, and because certain information for one type is inapplicable for the other, a separate table is given for each.

Melee Weapons

There are two main types of melee weapons: blunt and bladed. In addition to damage caused by the initial attack, bladed weapons can cause enemies to bleed. Oddly enough, despite being a blunt weapon the Bat can also cause enemies to bleed. All melee weapons are silent.

Each melee weapon has its own attack speed and range. Melee weapons also have two types of attack: the first (left-click under the default controls) is a normal attack which costs no stamina, while the second (right-click by default) is a power attack which typically costs stamina (10 with zero Endurance) and does double damage.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons shoot damaging projectiles at targets from a distance. Ranged weapons come in many variations such as pistols, shotguns, bows, assault rifles, pdw, and sniper rifles. Each weapon varies in damage, effective range, recoil, attachment compatibility, as well as ammunition types and compatibility. Ranged weapons require ammunition but allow the safety of attacking from a distance and can be augmented with up to three types of attachments: barrels, sights, and tacticals.

Weapon name Type Damage (%)1 Weight (kg) Range Speed Rarity2 Group
Fists Blunt 5-10 (est.) 0 Very Short Fast A Spawn
Baseball Bat Blunt 45 0.35 Long Fast U Civilian
Butcher Knife Bladed 35 0.25 Short Very Fast R Civilian
Crowbar Blunt 30 0.5 Short Fast C Civilian
Frying Pan Blunt 35 0.4 Medium Fast U Civilian
Golf Club Blunt 50 0.3 Long Slow C Civilian
Hammer Blunt 25 1 Medium Fast U Civilian
Katana Bladed 60 0.3 Long Fast R Civilian
Kitchen Knife Bladed 40 0.25 Short Very Fast U Civilian
Machete Bladed 50 0.25 Medium Slightly Fast C Civilian
Police Baton Blunt 30 0.2 Short Fast U Civilian
Tree Branch Blunt 25 0.15 Medium Fast H,CR Naturalist
Axe Bladed 60 1 Long Slow C Lumberjack3
Chainsaw Bladed 8 0.6 Medium Constant R Lumberjack3
Fire Axe Bladed 70 0.8 Long Medium/Slow U Lumberjack3
Pickaxe Bladed 60 1 Long Slow C Miner4
Sledgehammer Blunt 100 0.35 Long Slow R Demolition5
Blowtorch Fire 4 0.3 Very Short Constant U Repair6
Handsaw Bladed 26 0.20 Short Slow R Saw7
Pocket Knife Bladed 35 0.3 Short Very Fast C Sharpener8
Handlamp Blunt 10 0.1 Short Fast CR Light9
Torch Blunt 10 0.3 Short Fast C Light9
Bayonet Bladed 40 0.2 Varies Fast VR Tactical10
Weapon name Type Damage (%) Range (meters) Weight (kg) Ammo Capacity Weapon Rarity Ammo Rarity Group
Colt Pistol 34 100 1 7 C C Civilian
Berette Pistol 35 100 1 13 U U Police
Magnum Pistol 65 50 0.7 6 U C Civilian
Desert Falcon Pistol 67 60 1.5 7 U U Military
Lever Action Shotgun (16X12) 15 1.5 4 U C/R/U Civilian
Double Barrel Shotgun (20X12) 20 0.8 2 U C/R/U Civilian
Novuh Shotgun (18X12) 20 1.2 5 R C/R/U Police
Mosen Rifle 90 300 0.9 5 R U Militia
Outfield Rifle 85 325 1 5 C U Civilian
Maplestrike Assault-Rifle 81 400 3.5 30-20-100 U U/R/R Military
Swissgewehr Assault-Rifle 81 400 3 30-20-100 R U/R/R Police
Zubeknakov Assault-Rifle 81 400 2.5 30-75 R R Militia
Uzy SMG 31 200 1.5 40 R U Militia
Proninety SMG 36 250 1.25 50 R R Military
Matamorez Sniper Rifle 99 350 3 10 R VR Militia
Timberwolf Sniper Rifle 115 400.1 4 8-6 ER R Military
Longbow Bow 70 X 0.5 1 U, CR C Civilian
Crossbow Bow 99 150 1.5 1 R C Civilian
Compound Bow Bow 99 200 1 1 R C Civilian



The damage is the base damage used by the game, however, the damage might be reduced by the type of the target or other factors, like the players clothing or skills.


The rarity of each weapon is listed by an abbreviated code, as listed in the following table.

Abbreviation Description
A Always available
H Harvestable
CR Craftable
C Common
U Uncommon
R Rare
VR Very Rare
ER Extremely Rare

For melee weapons, a single code is given except when there is more than one way to obtain it (currently, this applies only to the Tree Branch, which is craftable and can also be harvested from Trees).

For ranged weapons other than shotguns, a code is provided first for the weapon, followed by one for each type of ammo cartridge (ordered by the number of ammunition that fits in the cartridge). For shotguns, the first code is for Buckshot, the second for Slugs, and the last for Shells, which, despite not being ammunition, are sufficiently related to shotgun ammunition to merit their inclusion.

Three types of ammunition are also craftable, though for clarity this is not listed on the table. The first two are the two types of shotgun ammunition, Buckshot and Slugs, which are crafted by combining Shells with Nails and Bolts, respectively. The last is Arrows, crafted by combining Sticks with Nails.


Weapons in the Lumberjack group are Civilian weapons which can be used to harvest Logs, Sticks, and Branches from Trees.


Weapons in the Miner group are Civilian weapons which can be used to harvest Rocks and Stones from Boulders.


Weapons in the Demolition group are Civilian weapons which are exceptional at destroying player-made structures, destroying them in the least number of attacks.


Weapons in the Repair group are Civilian weapons which can be used to repair vehicles.


Weapons in the Saw group are Civilian weapons which can be used to craft Boards into Sticks, Cloth into Rope, and Scrap Metal into Wire.


Weapons in the Sharpener group are Civilian weapons which can be used to sharpen sticks into Wooden Spikes.


Weapons in the Light group are Civilian weapons which can be used to illuminate the area in front of the player. This can be toggled by pressing the interact key ('f' by default) when no object which can be interacted with is close enough in front of the player.


Weapons in the Tactical group are tactical attachments for ranged weapons which can be used as melee weapons by pressing the interact key ('f' by default). As such, unlike other melee weapons, these have no power attack.

Shotgun Damage

Shotguns have varying damage per shot depending on how many pellets hit per shot which also depends on the type of ammunition used, e.g. the Lever Action deals 16% damage per pellet to the torso. A buckshot holds 12 pellets, so it can deal from 16% to 192% damage with a buckshot; in contrast, a slug holds 2 pellets, so it can deal from 16% to 32% damage with a slug.

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