Name Capacity Refill
Ace Clip 6 Low Caliber Civilian
Cobra Box 40 Low Caliber Civilian
Cobra Magazine 20 Low Caliber Civilian
1911 Magazine 7 Low Caliber Civilian
Hawkhound Magazine 8 Low Caliber Civilian
Kryzkarek Magazine 12 Low Caliber Civilian
Rifle Clip 5 Low Caliber Civilian
Schofield Clip 5 Low Caliber Civilian
Sportshot Magazine 10 Low Caliber Civilian
Viper Magazine 25 Low Caliber Civilian
Bulldog Magazine 45 Low Caliber Ranger
Calling Card Magazine 71 Low Caliber Ranger
Hell's Fury Drum 250 Low Caliber Ranger
Maschinengewehr Magazine 32 Low Caliber Ranger
Nykorev Box 200 Low Caliber Ranger
Ranger Drum 75 Low Caliber Ranger
Ranger Magazine 35 Low Caliber Ranger
Snayperskya Magazine 7 Low Caliber Ranger
Teklowvka Magazine 15 Low Caliber Ranger
Yuri Magazine 64 Low Caliber Ranger
Ekho Magazine 7 High Caliber Ranger
Matamorez Box 36 High Caliber Ranger
Matamorez Magazine 17 High Caliber Ranger
Avenger Magazine 13 Low Caliber Military
Dragonfang Box 150 Low Caliber Military
Empire Magazine 27 Low Caliber Military
HMG Box 50 Low Caliber Military
Luger Magazine 9 Low Caliber Military
Military Drum 100 Low Caliber Military
Military Magazine 30 Low Caliber Military
Peacemaker Magazine 50 Low Caliber Military
Sabertooth Magazine 10 Low Caliber Military
Scalar Magazine 30 Low Caliber Military
Swissgewehr Magazine 20 Low Caliber Military
Desert Falcon Magazine 7 High Caliber Military
Grizzly Magazine 5 High Caliber Military
Timberwolf Magazine 6 High Caliber Military
12 Gauge Shells 8 N/A
20 Gauge Shells 2 N/A
Devil's Bane Magazine 21 N/A
Vonya Magazine 12 N/A
Arrow 1 N/A
Birch Arrow 1 N/A
Explosive Arrow 1 N/A
Maple Arrow 1 N/A
Pine Arrow 1 N/A
Military Fragmentation Magazine 20 N/A
Military Tracer Magazine 20 N/A
Missile 1 N/A
Nailgun Magazine 20 N/A
Paintball Hopper 35 N/A
Rail 1 N/A
Rocket 1 N/A
Shadowstalker Mk. II Drum 20 N/A

Ammunition is what the player needs to use a firearm. To check the type of ammunition used by a gun mid-game, left click on the gun in the inventory menu and read its description. When combining the same types of unfilled magazine/clip in the crafting menu, the crafting results will result in a magazine/clip(s) that equal the total number of bullets. This effectively puts more bullets into a magazine/clip rather than having two lower quantity magazines/clips.

Weapon Magazine/Clip/Ammo
Berette Lebel Magazine
Colt Swift Magazine
Desert Falcon Swift Magazine
Magnum Winchester Clip
Outfield Bonjour Clip
Mosen Bonjour Clip
Zubeknakov Savage Magazine / Savage Drum
Uzy Yuri Magazine
Matamorez Xtrmin Magazine
PDW Magazine
Maplestrike NATO Magazine / NATO drum / NATO Tracer
Swissgewehr NATO Magazine / NATO drum / NATO Tracer
Timberwolf Lapua Magazine / Lapua Tracer
Double Barrel Buckshot / Slugs
Lever Action Buckshot / Slugs
Novuh Buckshot / Slugs
Longbow Arrow
Compound Bow Arrow
Crossbow Arrow
Magazine/Clip Ammunition Capacity Rounds/Box
Lebel Magazine 1 Civilian Bullets 13 13
Swift Magazine 1 Civilian Bullets 7 7
Winchester Clip 1 Civilian Bullets 6 6
Bonjour Clip 1 Civilian Bullets 5 5
Savage Magazine 2 Civilian Bullets 30 15
Savage Drum 3 Civilian Bullets 75 25
Yuri Magazine 2 Civilian Bullets 40 20
Xtrmin Magazine 1 Civilian Bullets 10 10
PDW Magazine 2 Military Bullets 50 25
NATO Magazine 2 Military Bullets 30 15
NATO drum 4 Military Bullets 100 25
NATO Tracer 2 Tracer Bullets 20 10
Lapua Magazine 1 Military Bullets 8 8
Lapua Tracer 1 Tracer Bullets 6 6
Ammunition Materials
6 Buckshot 1 Shells + 2 Nails
6 Slugs 1 Shells + 2 Bolts
3 Arrow 1 Stick + 1 Nails

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