The Entity category includes things that run on their own levels of existence. They include vehicles, non-playable characters, The Player, and more.


Zombies are the player's primary enemy in Unturned. They are one of the hostile NPCs in the game, the other two being Bears and Wolves. When killed, they have a chance of dropping items, differing depending on the item spawn table. There are four types of zombies: walkers, crawlers, sprinters, and mega zombies; all zombies also become Hyper during a full moon.

The only way to reduce damage from Zombies is to wear clothing, or have the "Hardened" random boost skill.

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Walker Zombies

Walker zombies are the most common types of zombies. You will find these everywhere in all modes. These will hand over the bleed effect when attacking a player in hard mode.
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Crawler Zombies

Crawler zombies are a less common variant of zombie. They move much slower, and have slightly more hit points than regular walkers. Their attacks can make you bleed, so the best method is to take them out from a range.
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Sprinter Zombies

Sprinter zombies are a less common variant of zombie; they have the lowest health and damage. They are the fastest type of zombie.

Radioactive Zombies

Introduced in, Radioactive Zombies explode when killed. They also have a faint green glow.
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Flanker Zombies

Introduced in, The Flanker zombies are stealthy and attack players from behind. When alarmed they become almost invisible with a purple tint.
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Burner Zombies

Also introduced in, The Burner zombie explodes into flames, deals more damage than the regular zombie and can also spread the flames to other zombies if they are caught within the blast. When it explodes, it attracts other zombies.
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Acid Zombies

Introduced in The Acid zombie can spit acid balls at the player that damage the player when hit by the acid or if the player is in the puddles of cyan acid the balls leave behind when they hit the ground often blocking important escape routes.
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Mega Zombies

Main article: Mega Zombie

Mega Zombies are the strongest, largest, and one of the fastest, zombie variants in Unturned. They emit a more Deeper-toned growling sound, and can be heard from quite a long distance away. They can also throw blocks of concrete they rip out of the ground.


There are three types of animals: hostile, neutral, and passive. The different types of animals have different AI. Depending on the animal killed, different items are dropped.

  • Hostile: will attack when it spots a player, or sometimes run away if provoked first. The current hostile animals include the Wolf, and the Bear.
  • Neutral: will run away when spotting a player, or when attacked. The current neutral animals include the Deer, Moose, and Reindeer.
  • Passive: will not run away when a player is spotted. Instead, they only fee when provoked. The current passive animals include the Pig, and Cow.


  • Zombies cannot swim or climb ladders, however, they can walk underwater.

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