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Map Satellite Carpat 1.png
Mode Survival: Timed Curated
Size Medium (2048 m2)



Carpat was a Timed Curated survival map in Unturned 3. It took place in the Carpathian mountain ranges.

The map was created by Vilaskis "BATTLEKOT" Shalashev, Andrii "TheCubicNoobik" Vitiv, Oleksandr "BlackLion" Shcherba, Dmitriy "Potatoes" Usenko, and Liva "Ms. Evrika" Bognat.

The creators could be supported by purchasing the Carpat Map Bundle, which had contents themed around the map. The map was available from July 30, 2018 to August 30, 2018, and can now be downloaded from its Workshop Page.



  • It was the only survival map that did not reference Canada in its description.
    • Additionally, it did not have a "recommended for [...] survivors." Instead, the description ended off with "Prepare for [...]."
  • Players spawned next to broken down vehicles, with a cooler. The coolers could be broken open for a random item.
  • The satellite view of the map was actually just a chart view rendering.
    • The chart view of the map was modified to have less contrast and saturation, and color swapped to a more brown appearance. Several roads and locations were painted off the chart view.
  • "Garbage recycling Factory" was missing a capital letter.
  • Unlike most other maps, many of the locations had a generic name.
  • "Ms.Evrika" was missing a space that is present within her actual username.
  • "Nolanovo" was a reference to Nolan "Azzaholic," who helped with English localization.
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