Cargo Truck
Cargo Truck
ID 704 - 711
Seats 2
Trunk 30 Storage (6x5)
Forward 70 kph • 43 mph
Backward 22 kph • 14 mph
Brake 32
File Name Renault_[Color]
Special Traction • Cam_Follow_Distance 10.5 • Tires_Invulnerable
Explosion 20
Exit 4

The Cargo Truck is a Rare Car in Unturned 3.


France: It can be found at Construction Locations, notably Port de Calais, Contenin Arsenal, and Usuine Construction.


The Cargo Truck is a large sized truck, with two seats in the cabin, and a very large storage area in the back.

The list below shows all colored Cargo Trucks and their IDs.

Color ID
Black 704
Blue 705
Green 706
Orange 707
Purple 708
Red 709
White 710
Yellow 711



  • The Cargo Truck has relatively large storage space.
  • It's easy to put buildables (e.g. Garageframe, Crates, Lockers, etc.) in the back area.


  • The driver and Passenger are very exposed due to the large window frames.
  • With a large silhouette, the cargo truck can be easily spotted.
  • It is not immune to small arms fire.
  • The west bridge along the river in France has a clearance too low for the vehicle.


  • Renault is a French automobile company, although their Renault Trucks subsidiary is now part of the Swedish Volvo company.


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