Cargo Train
Train 0.jpg
ID 186 • 187
Seats 3
Trunk 56 Storage (8x7)
Forward 133 kph • 83 mph
Backward 107 kph • 66 mph
Brake N/A
File Name Train_Cargo_0
Special Bumper_Invulnerable • Environment_Invulnerable • Explosions_Invulnerable • Invulnerable
Explosion 20
Exit 3

The Cargo Train is an Epic Train in Unturned 3. Like the Armored Train, it is completely invulnerable to any sort of damage.


Russia: Can be found on the main rail line, more commonly near Vorkuta Junction.

Yukon: It can be found along the unobstructed rail line, typically near Ibex Valley.


It appears as a blue (Russia) or orange (Yukon) train engine. When driven, it follows a predetermined rail path.



  • It is quite fast.
  • It is invulnerable to damage.
  • Passengers are immune to gunfire.
  • The Russia variant has multiple carriages for building on.


  • Very loud.
  • Uses a lot of fuel.
  • Only 3 seats.
  • Driver is prone to gunfire through windows.
  • Less available destinations when compared to other vehicles.


  • It cannot be spawned in.
  • It cannot be carjacked, but the Skycrane's hook can move it in random directions.
    • It will return to its point of origin once it is separated from the Skycrane. However, it was fixed in a recent update.
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