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File Carepackage
ID 1374
Rarity Epic
Type Item Storage
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Storage 49 Slots (7x7)
Health 600
Range N/A
Radius N/A
Offset N/A
Special Vulnerable • Unrepairable • Unpickupable • Unsaveable
Explosion 19



The Carepackage is an Epic Item Storage in Unturned 3. It appears as a form of event.

The loot in a Carepackage depends on the country the map is located in. It contains weapons that are not obtainable in any other way.

Carepackage America
Ranger Magazine 6.2%
Bulldog 4.1%
Bulldog Magazine 4.1%
Calling Card 4.1%
Calling Card Magazine 4.1%
Determinator 4.1%
Empire 4.1%
Empire Magazine 4.1%
Luger 4.1%
Luger Magazine 4.1%
MP40 4.1%
MP40 Magazine 4.1%
Scalar 4.1%
Scalar Magazine 4.1%
Teklowvka 4.1%
Teklowvka Magazine 4.1%
Vonya 4.1%
Vonya Magazine 4.1%
Augewehr 2.1%
Devil's Bane 2.1%
Devil's Bane Magazine 2.1%
Fusilaut 2.1%
Maplestrike 2.1%
Military Magazine 2.1%
Nightraider 2.1%
Swissgewehr 2.1%
Swissgewehr Magazine 2.1%
Ekho 1.0%
Ekho Magazine 1.0%
Timberwolf 1.0%
Timberwolf Magazine 1.0%
Hell's Fury 0.4%
Hell's Fury Drum 0.4%
Carepackage Arid
Ammo Crate (Intermediate Ammo)
Ammo Crate (Pistol Ammo)
Armor Repair Kit
CARG15 Case
DMR280 Case
Iridium Bar
M98R Case
Medical Kit
MS57 Case
Package Of Beans
Package Of Water
Plastic Roll
Steel Mesh
Weapon Repair Kit
Carepackage Canada
Ranger Magazine 5.3%
Bulldog 3.5%
Bulldog Magazine 3.5%
Calling Card 3.5%
Calling Card Magazine 3.5%
Determinator 3.5%
Empire 3.5%
Empire Magazine 3.5%
Luger 3.5%
Luger Magazine 3.5%
MP40 3.5%
MP40 Magazine 3.5%
Sabertooth 3.5%
Sabertooth Magazine 3.5%
Scalar 3.5%
Scalar Magazine 3.5%
Teklowvka 3.5%
Teklowvka Magazine 3.5%
Viper 3.5%
Viper Magazine 3.5%
Vonya 3.5%
Vonya Magazine 3.5%
Augewehr 1.8%
Devil's Bane 1.8%
Devil's Bane Magazine 1.8%
Fusilaut 1.8%
Heartbreaker 1.8%
Military Magazine 1.8%
Nightraider 1.8%
Swissgewehr 1.8%
Swissgewehr Magazine 1.8%
Ekho 0.9%
Ekho Magazine 0.9%
Grizzly 0.9%
Grizzly Magazine 0.9%
Hell's Fury 0.4%
Hell's Fury Drum 0.4%
Carepackage Peaks
Military Magazine 14.8%
Calling Card 7.4%
Calling Card Magazine 7.4%
1911 7.4%
1911 Magazine 7.4%
Eaglefire 7.4%
Scalar 7.4%
Scalar Magazine 7.4%
Yuri 7.4%
Yuri Magazine 7.4%
Dragonfang 3.7%
Dragonfang Box 3.7%
Maplestrike 3.7%
Ekho 1.9%
Ekho Magazine 1.9%
Timberwolf 1.9%
Timberwolf 1.9%
Carepackage Russia
Military Magazine 6.8%
12 Gauge Shells 3.4%
Avenger 3.4%
Avenger Magazine 3.4%
Bluntforce 3.4%
Determinator 3.4%
Eaglefire 3.4%
Empire 3.4%
Empire Magazine 3.4%
Luger 3.4%
Luger Magazine 3.4%
MP40 3.4%
MP40 Magazine 3.4%
Peacemaker 3.4%
Peacemaker Magazine 3.4%
Sabertooth 3.4%
Sabertooth Magazine 3.4%
Scalar 3.4%
Scalar Magazine 3.4%
Swissgewehr 3.4%
Swissgewehr Magazine 3.4%
Viper 3.4%
Viper Magazine 3.4%
Desert Falcon 1.7%
Desert Falcon Magazine 1.7%
Devil's Bane 1.7%
Devil's Bane Magazine 1.7%
Dragonfang 1.7%
Dragonfang Box 1.7%
Heartbreaker 1.7%
Maplestrike 1.7%
Grizzly 0.9%
Grizzly Magazine 0.9%
PDW 0.9%
Timberwolf 0.9%
Timberwolf Magazine 0.9%


The Carepackage appears rarely from an airdrop event. This event involves a Coalition-manned airplane flying over one of many pre-designated locations, and dropping a Carepackage. Carepackages will emit a red smoke trail a dozen meters into the sky for 60 seconds. Once landed, the Carepackage will last for 10 minutes before self-destructing harmlessly with a small "pop."

A Carepackage can also be summoned using the "@airdrop" command.

There are no Carepackages on the Yukon map.


Germany has thirty-five areas where a Carepackage can drop.

  • Northeast edge of Ostsee Compound.
  • Northwest of Ostsee Compound.
  • Southeast of Ostsee Compound.
  • South of Munich.
  • Northeast of Moritz's Farm.
  • Southeast of Moritz's Farm.
  • Fernweh Prison.
  • Southeast of Fernweh Prison.
  • Southwest of Cologne.
  • Southeast of Cologne.
  • Northeast corner of Oskar's Farm.
  • Northeast of Oskar's Farm.
  • East of Oskar's Farm.
  • South of Oskar's Farm.
  • East edge of Frankfurt Airfield.
  • Southeast of Frankfurt Airfield.
  • West edge of Hamburg.
  • Center of Camp Stuttgart.
  • North of Zugspitze Peak.
  • South of Svalbard Seedbank.
  • West Edge of Mawby's Farm.
  • Southwest of Mawby's Farm.
  • West of Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • East of Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • South of Schwarzwald Military Base.
  • Northeast corner of Schwarzwald Military Base.
  • East of Schwarzwald Military Base.
  • South of Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • Southeast corner of Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • North of Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • East of Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • South of Limestone Quarry.
  • West of Camp Dusseldorf.
  • West of Camp Dusseldorf.
  • Southwest of Berlin.



PEI has fourteen areas where a Carepackage can drop.



Russia has thirty-five areas where a Carepackage can drop.



Washington has thirteen areas where a Carepackage can drop.



Arid has thirteen areas where a Carepackage can drop.

  • East of Overpass.
  • North of Point Mike.
  • North East of Point Mike.
  • South East of Abu Al-Kaba'er.
  • North of Abu Al-Kaba'er.
  • At the Supermarket's parking in Abu Al-Kaba'er.
  • East highway of Abu Al-Kaba'er.
  • At the right of the Hospital in Abu Al-Kaba'er.
  • At the entrance of the Gas Station in Abu Al-Kaba'er.
  • Near the entrance of Kahramaan.
  • At Point November.
  • Outside of the unlisted Gas Station.
  • Near of the gas tanks at Tamara Complex.



  • On Space PEI, the Carepackage moves upwards, meaning they are impossible to loot.
  • If a Carepackage self-destructs, any remaining contents will be dropped.
  • The wreck of the AC-130 supposedly meant to drop Carepackages in Yukon can be found in the mid-southern section of the map. Strangely, it does not show any sign of having carried any actual Carepackages.
  • The Carepackage is unobtainable through normal means, as it is meant to be for the Carepackage event rather than as an actual item.
    • Since it was not meant to be an actual item, it has no inventory icon because no camera was made for it.
    • Since it was not meant to be an actual item, it cannot be placed due to not having any animations to allow it.
  • The Carepackage does not have a unique name, so it appears as the default #NAME instead.
  • It does not have a custom description, so it uses the default #DESCRIPTION output instead.
  • Standing under the Carepackage as it drops to the ground will kill you.
The Airdrop is a type of loot system in Antique. They spawn in a random place at Heritage City.