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Map Satellite California 1
Mode Survival: Curated
Size Medium (2048×2048 m2)



California is a medium-sized Curated Survival map available in Unturned 3. It is based on Monterey County in the U.S. State of California, and was created by clue and Renaxon, with special thanks given to Letgalian and Vilespring.

The map creators can be supported by purchasing the California Map Bundles, which contain cosmetics themed around the map and its lore. The map was added in the 3.19.18.x update.

There are no large deadzones on California, instead, the map contains smaller mini deadzones. Currently, the only known Deadzone in the map is located in Calabasas Hospital.


  • The map was originally named "Carmel Valley" in order to avoid people asking about locations like Hollywood, San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles.
    • The map's name was changed by Nelson in order to fit more with the rest of the maps naming schemes.
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There are eleven location nodes that are listed on the map.

Map Nodes: Big Sur ResortBixby BridgeCache 42CalabasasChester MotelCosta Mesa MallEnzo WineryGonzales EstateGreenfield CampgroundHills ResortMonterey

Bixby Bridge:

Bixby Bridge is a bridge fortified to be used as a military outpost.

The loot found in this location can mainly be standard military loot, apart from some exceptions. (GPS, Peacemakers, Smoke Grenades, Military Ammo Crates, etc.)

This is also possibly the only place that a Devil's Bane can be obtained on the map, making California the only other map where it can be found (excluding supply drops) other than Germany. Expect this location to have high player traffic.

A Mega Zombie has a chance to spawn here.

Cache 42:

Cache 42 is a compound, which mainly has Mercenary loot spawns.

There is a chance for a Mega Zombie to spawn here, in the area with the weights and barbells.

The loot found in this location can mainly be ranger grade loot, with a few changes, as there is a chance for MREs to spawn inside the main building. Some of the loot you can find here are the Mercenary Clothing, Rebel, and Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Boxes.

A Hummingbird rarely spawns on the helipad.


As this is the largest location on the map, there is a high zombie population. It can be found on the east side of the map.

A somewhat large police station can be found here, which can contain basic police loot. This includes, but is not limited to: Bluntforces, Riot Vests (And before you ask: No, this is NOT the one from France), Vipers, 12 Gauge Shells, Rig Pouches (Used to upgrade the Riot Vest), Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Boxes, and various other loot.

There is a hospital on the west side of the city, which happens to be a decently sized deadzone. This may as well be the main deadzone due to its size, and offers a few high-tier military spawns. Though, a majority of the deadzone only contains medical loot.

There are some Biohazard zombies at the gate in the back of the hospital, which have the chance to drop Biohazard Hoods and filters, mainly dropping standard Scorpion-7 loot. (Note: They will not drop the Scorpion-7 Biohazard Suits, rather a bio suit of a different ID and appearance.) A Mega Zombie in Biohazard uniform also occasionally spawns at the back of the hospital.

Costa Mesa Mall:

This location is at the top right of the map, just nearby Cache 42. There are a few military zombies and military tents outside of the mall, though this is by no mean a mainly military location.

Throughout the mall, there are various shops, which contain either grocer loot, gun store loot, or other typical city loot.

At the front entrance, there is a large parking lot, with the chance to spawn multiple civilian vehicles. On the west side of the parking lot, military and medical tents are present. In the rear of the mall, there is a decent amount of Engineer loot in the warehouse. A California exclusive Sterling may spawn in the Brillian Dealership's platform.

At the main entrance, there are a few security zombies and security loot spawns.

The main portion of the mall is the crashed helicopter wreckage, with several military zombies around it. There is a chance for a Mega Zombie to spawn next to the crashed helicopter.

Chester Motel:

This location is around the middle of the map, just west of Calabasas. Mechanic, Chef, Grocer, and Civilian loot can be found here.

The Gas Station is Combined with the mechanic in one building. The building is a different design from the traditional gas stations used in other maps, notably lacking the large 'Big J Eco Fuel' sign. Average Mechanic loot can be found here, along with some grocer loot spawns inside the gas mart.

The Diner is a new design compared to previous diner buildings. Consumable food and drinks will spawn here, as well as some chef loot.

The motel at this location is a medium-sized building with multiple rooms. There are 10 rooms in total, with 5 on each floor, where the east-most room on the ground floor has been converted into a reception desk. In each of the rooms in the motel (excluding the reception room), there is a bed and table, with a connecting room in the back containing a bathtub and a few counters.

Enzo Winery:

Enzo Winery is mostly an Agricultural/Farmer location, shared by a few Mechanic and Engineer loot spawns.

There is a chance for a Tractor, a Dirtbike and other Civilian Vehicles to spawn here, as well as a chance for a Sandpiper to spawn on the runway.

Gonzales Estate:

The Gonzales Estate lies just to the east of Monterey, and is a Militia/Ranger location.

The Gonzales Estate will have your run-of-the-mill ranger grade loot (e.g. Rocket Launchers, Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Boxes, Ranger Magazines), yet also has a few Mechanic spawns and a fuel source.

For vehicles, there is a chance for a Ghost to spawn in the garage, a Police Car to spawn outside the front gate, a California exclusive Sterling in the carpark, a police interceptor outside the gate and more rarely a Hummingbird on the helipad.

For loot, some exclusive guns can be obtained here, such as the Stingray. You can also obtain a Rebel here, though it can be obtained in other places.

If you explore a bit, you will come across a ladder leading to a basement, which can contain some high tier Militia/Ranger loot, and a note about a meetup.


Monterey is a small city on the north-west corner of the map. Basic civilian loot can be found here, including the California exclusive Civilian Vest and Binoculars.

In the city, there is a hunting store, which has normal gun store loot spawns, as well as a chance for Polymer Magazines to spawn. There is also a chance for civilian grade firearms to spawn.

Monterey also has a small police station, where basic California police loot can spawn. Expect this location to have moderate player traffic.

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