Burywood overview
Location Type:: Town
Size: Large
Zombie Population: Very high
Civilian Buildings: 8
Civil Service Buildings: 2
Gun Stores: 1
Food Buildings: 2
Gas Stations: 1
Construction Buildings: 2

Burywood is a civilian location in Prince Edward Island. It has the largest town in PEI which is located east of O'Leary Military Base and south of the Tignish Campground. The APC and the Humvee has a chance to spawn at this location.

This area is an ideal location for item looting; however, it is countered by the large amounts of zombies that spawn within the vicinity and is a primary target for bandits.

Burywood was added in the 2.1.4 Patch.


  • It is the only town to feature a Gun Store, a Cemetery and Butcher Shop.
  • Burywood is named after the fictional town of Woodbury in the Comic/TV Series The Walking Dead, although reversed to not infringe on the trademark.
  • Burywood was also a town in the first versions of Unturned. It was also pretty small.
  • It was built near the original grounds of Tignish Campground. As of the 2.1.4 update, the island that houses the campgrounds was connected to the mainland, resulting in the removal of the island.
  • There is a brown tree to the west of the water tower that completely dissolves when cut. This leaves no stump, sticks, branches, or logs. It does cause an invisible entity which the player can't walk through which is most likely an invisible stump.
  • There is also a billboard before the Waffle House one that references the internet meme Dedotated Wam.

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