Item Type: Ammunition
Spawns in: Groups (2 - 5)
Equippable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.05kg/0.11lbs
Description: "12 pellets per shot wide spread shell."

2.2.5 | This item is not available in the current version of the game.

Buckshot is a common type of ammunition which can be found anywhere, usually at farms. Like the slug, it is used by the Double Barrel, Lever Action, and Novuh shotguns. Buckshot fires twelve pellets in a spread, making them effective at short range.

They can take out most zombies with one blast at short range, granting a definite kill upon any type of zombie at close range with a headshot. Unlike the slugs, they cannot penetrate through zombies. When firing buckshots at short range, it's damage is massive. Even outdoing the Timberwolf in damage, albeit at a very short range.

Crafting Recipes

1 Shells + 2 Nails = 6 Buckshot


  • Buckshot seems to be one of the most common spawns at farms, and is often found elsewhere.
  • A shotgun's blast alerts zombies from far away, therefore it is advised to have enough buckshot prepared for incoming zombies.
  • Like the slugs and arrows, the buckshot doesn't need to be crafted into a clip but rather stacks and is loaded individually. Good for early to mid-game use of inventory space as you can hold 30 shells in 1 slot, equal to a NATO or savage magazine.
  • Buckshot is usually used for hunting whereas Slug is used for breaching, which might explain it's common appearance at farms and also the Slug's rarity.



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