Bolts Steel nuts. Bolts not included. .05kg
Item Type: Crafting material
Stacks: Yes
Weight: 0.05kg/0.11lbs
Description: "Steel nuts. Bolts not included."

Bolts are crafting materials found at construction locations. Bolts can be used to craft multiple structures and items. Due to its weight, bolts are able to be carried in large quantities.  

Bolts are commonly used for the construction of Metal Shields, Wooden Doors, Braziers and Wooden Shutters. Bolts can be crafted with one Scrap Metal at a Campfire.


Scrap Metal + Fire = Bolts (x2)


Scrap Metal (x4) + Bolts (x2) = Metal Shield
Bolts + Wooden Frame = Wooden Door
Bolts + Wooden Door = Wooden Shutter
Bolts (x2) + Shells = Slugs (x6)
Wooden Shutter (x2) + Bolts (x2) = Wooden Gate
Bolts (x2) + Stick (x2) = Brazier


Unturned Bolts

2 Bolts on the ground.


  • Although the item is supposed to be bolts, they're actually nuts.