Yukihara Yukihara 27 May 2014

Main Weapon Set-up

Over here is my set-up for the Maplestrike.

I used the Maplestrike as a "Sniper" for both Zombies and Players.

Why the Maplestrike?

> The Maplestrike uses NATO rounds, which is very (Based on my experiences) common in Military Areas, and they do Exceptional Damage. (1 headshot for Civilian Zombies and 2 Headshots for Military Zombies)

> The Maplestrike is also common (Again, based on my experiences) in Military Areas.

> Since it Uses NATO Rounds, and as we all Know there are NATO drums in-game, Ammo Capacity isn't a Problem.

I used the Following attachments for this set-up:

- NATO Drum (4 Military Bullets to Refill)

- Suppressor 

- Bipod

- Vector 12x Scope 

What's yours?

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41Vocal 41Vocal 26 May 2014

I'm Sorry.

Just Recently my Dog "Rocky" Had finally passed away because of Blood parasites, it took us 2 weeks to try and help him live longer, but we couldn't save him in time. This is just a little sorry and a memorial for my loyal Dog and best friend, we'll miss him so much, and we'll never forget him.

I hope where he is now, its a better place..

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Official Sovieteer Official Sovieteer 25 May 2014

Best Places to Create Camp/Base

  • 1 Welcome to the Post!
  • 2 Near Montague
  • 3 Up the road from Confederation Bridge
  • 4 Any other places?

Welcome to my third post! In this one, I'll be explaining the best places to place camp, the pros and cons of each, and my little place.

The road leading to the Peninsula, right next to Montague, is an ideal place. For me, at least. The only acceptable land for me is on the dirt path itself. I've created a two story home, 2x2 foundation, and a roof. I could be self sustaining in all fields other than water, as my farm lies ontop of my house with my roof. Beside that is my garage upgraded with stone structuring, holstering my Ambulance. It is a quaint location, where zombies don't bother me unless my car gets too close. It's relatively free from player…

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Tyty227TheGamer Tyty227TheGamer 22 May 2014

Yall are boring

Title says all.

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Yarrrr Yarrrr 22 May 2014

My favourite place to camp.

Every known location is unsafe! Pesky zombies can chase you in radius, but what about the forest, mountain, and some others? They are the best spots to make a home, but would it be tiring if you're too far away from known locations?

My favourite place is the blocked-up house. Reasons? No zombie can get into the house, plus I get free stuff everytime I log into singleplayer, especially the military box which gives me either magazines/slugs for my Zubeknakov/Mosen/Novuh (also civilian bullets that will refill my magazines). Another reason is that I could Xp farm, by sniping civilian zombies with the Zubeknakov, and then melee the rest with the katana. If I'm hungry, I can get food from homes.

Things in the camping place:

  • Campfire
  • Barricades (for…
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Thesniperboy11 Thesniperboy11 4 May 2014

weapons i like in: unturned 2

This game is very cool.

Infact some of the weapons are OP:

The names of them are:





I like the game. Its really fun when you and your friends play as a team

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Official Sovieteer Official Sovieteer 3 May 2014

Unturned Bunker Wikia Chat

  • 1 Unturned Bunker Wikia Chat
  • 2 What is "Chat"?
  • 3 Why would I need this?
  • 4 Are there any rules?

Hey there, friends!

Thanks for taking the time out of your life to explore the blog post I've written - well more like typed - to explore my opinion upon this wikia's Chat.

The chat is basically a place where registered users may go on and talk to other online users of the wikia. It is automatically disabled/enabled depending on settings when creating a wikia.

The wikia chat can offer many pros and cons, which can relate to the game or not. I've been part of many wikias, especially The Elder Scrolls wikia. I've chatted with people on there and they mostly talk casually or help out people needing help with the games. Here's what I've come up with from past e…

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Tyty227TheGamer Tyty227TheGamer 2 May 2014

Unturned 2

Where can I be canadian. I need a canada shirt. Also death if we could talk later for me to apologize that would be nice.

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Official Sovieteer Official Sovieteer 18 April 2014

My Personal Thoughts

My Personal Thoughts

By: Alexei Aleksandrov [Siloron AKA "Official Sovieteer"]

Unturned and Unturned 2 are both greatly developed games. Unturned 1 was a great starting point and I stil play it to this day. It's not that old of a game, but it's pretty aged. Unturned 2 already looks like an even better game, that just may even launch into Steam. If he decides to make it pay to play, I won't blame him. Nelson Sexton, or I refer to him as Mr. Sexton, has always been a good scripter and good builder. Ever since his launch on Roblox with his hit game Deadzone, he was rising in popularity and even rivalled against his competitive rival, yet still a friend, Gus Dubetz. Both Apocalypse Rising and Deadzone were popular, but A.R. seemed to soar through …

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Greev1 Greev1 17 March 2014

Looking Good!

I'd just like to tell everyone involved that this wiki looks to be coming along great! I just have one question. Who founded this wiki?

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