GregariousJB GregariousJB 15 July 2014

Discussion: Templates

I'll get right to the point.

We as a community need to seriously consider using more templates to make our lives much easier in the future. Oriard, Kololz, and a few others have been helping out with a nice-looking Navbar template for items, such as the Template:MeleeWeaponsNavbox. It's a great start, but we'll need more. Currently, most item pages are using a basic table to display item information (example - top-right). However, best-case scenario would be to have several templates that can be used for almost everything in the game - items, vehicles, locations, etc. For those unfamiliar with templates, just know that it would allow us to be versatile with a game that is still in Alpha stages and thus changing rapidly. 

I will design any an…

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Ayitsjp Ayitsjp 11 July 2014

Blood vs. Health

I just created the blood page which goes hand in hand with bleeding, so I think it would be best to refer to the player hit points as blood from now on just to try and create less confusion and have the wiki be more consistent.

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Yarrrr Yarrrr 11 July 2014

Like always

Congrats to those who fought against the second (or third?) major vandalism attack. The wiki would be trash wthout you guys.

Also, do you guys think the wiki needs protection?

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Yarrrr Yarrrr 10 July 2014

Sample info box



Go to edit mode of this blog page and click "source". Copy the whole thing except this message.

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MarineTactics MarineTactics 9 July 2014

Stuck in a well

For those of you who like to travel around the PEI map DO NOT I repeat do not let your curiosity kill you. I saw a water well and I just wanted to jump in it for some unknown reason but sure enough, I got stuck. I have been trying to get out of this well but I don't want to die and lose ALL of my skill points. This well is in font of a farm and I was wondering if anyone could find a way out of it? Here is a picture. [1]

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CasualAdventurer CasualAdventurer 8 July 2014


My confusion is, how to make a clan tag? Everytime I try make one it never shows. ;/

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Yarrrr Yarrrr 11 June 2014

User's pick - Assault rifles

Round up folks! Vote your favorite assault rifle in the game! This poll will last forever, so why not vote?

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Yarrrr Yarrrr 9 June 2014

Top 5 list - Weapons

Greetings Unturners, I shall present you a bunch of "top 5 best weapons". The word "best" isn't what you think, it depends what you're talking about.

So here it is;

  • 1 Firearms
    • 1.1 Top 5 firearms by damage
    • 1.2 Top 5 firearms by firerate
    • 1.3 Top 5 rarest firearms
    • 1.4 Top 5 most common firearms
    • 1.5 Top 5 firearms by range
    • 1.6 Top 5 firearms by ammo capacity
    • 1.7 Top 5 firearms by weight
  • 2 Melee weapons
    • 2.1 Top 5 melee weapons

  1. Timberwolf
  2. Mosen
  3. Longbow
  4. Crossbow
  5. Compound Bow

The reason why I didn't include the Novuh and Double Barrel is because its massive damage is dealt by the amount of pellets hit, so 1 pellet counts as one. Wasn't sure about Matamorez

  1. Uzy
  2. Maplestrike
  3. Matamorez
  4. Zubeknakov
  5. Swissgewehr

For 5th place, it's hard to know which is placed 5th because there's only 4 …

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Tyty227TheGamer Tyty227TheGamer 30 May 2014

Wiki Clan?

Do you guys think we should have a wiki group?

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KamakaziWarrior KamakaziWarrior 29 May 2014


Am I the only person who has noticed how op the sledgehammer is If you use it right. 1 hits ant zombie unless you on hardcore world/server, however you need to time it right or you might just get yourself screwed up.

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