CowsBeGood CowsBeGood 25 July 2014

Any help on template application?

I've never had to handle this aspect of Wikia before, as this is the least developed Wiki I've dedicated to.

Many pages are lacking the proper templates and I am very inexperienced in them.

Any help?

I ended up copying the template from a related page but I have no idea how to apply a fresh one.

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FlorThor FlorThor 22 July 2014

Any servers?

anyone has a server to join? i can make one to

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Mattmatts Mattmatts 21 July 2014

Looking for a non-pvp server to play on

Hi, I am a newbie, and I suck to the max. Even on easy. I'm looking for a friendly server thats on easy thats made for beginners. If there is any server like that, tell me the Ip please.

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Allowrike Allowrike 20 July 2014

Server History

First image is a test.  

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Shonoun Shonoun 19 July 2014

Fist Blog Post

Day 37, I am here. Why are you reading this

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Snoipeh Snoipeh 19 July 2014

Ideas for Unturned

  • 1 Ideas for Unturned
  • 2 Gameplay :
    • 2.1 For example :
  • 3 Weather :
  • 4 Guns :

  1. Leaning function for the passengers  ( Useful for defending yourself, if you´re being chased. - By pressing one of the two buttons for leaning, you turn around and lean out of the window so you can shoot at the baddies behind you. - )
  2. Air-meter ( Read "3. Diving" and see what this is for :^] )
  3. Diving ( You´re an easy target while swimming because you can´t "hide in the water". This feature makes it easier for players to escape and ambush in the water. - It obviously drains the "Air-meter". - )
  4. Blood attracts zombies ( Oh,you´re bleeding? Do you think this is bad?! Look! All zombies in the town smell your blood and are coming for you. )
  5. Advanced Movement ( A useful addition to the Ski…

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Guardiandex Guardiandex 18 July 2014

Home & Base building guide. WIP

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 PRO TIPS
  • 3 Foundation
  • 4 Pillars
  • 5 Walls
  • 6 Doorways
  • 7 Windows
  • 8 Second Floor/ Roof
  • 9 Light Sources & Useful Furnishings

Building a base is not a dificult task, but the tedious crafting system can cause confusion.

The First Step

The first thing you need to consider before building is the location.

  1. NEVER build near zombies.
  1. Is the location close to trees?
  1. Is there a nearby water supply?
  1. Do you have a consistant food source?
  1. Are there any boulders nearby to upgrade or build a stone base?

The Second major thing you need to be aware of, is the surface you plan to build on.

What Should I build my base from?

  • Wood is perectly fine, trees are able to be chopped down using the axe, fire axe, or the chainsaw.
  • Stone is stronger than wood, but can still be destroye…

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Jamison2002 Jamison2002 17 July 2014


Join my server guys its called :doges: I play and livestream a lot

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Hartmde Hartmde 16 July 2014

Unturned tips, tricks, and playthrough for all

I found a youtube series showcasing the game as well as some tips and tricks that he discovers throughout playing. 

If interested, link is below....

Part 1:

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Kololz Kololz 15 July 2014

Unturned gets VERY HIT.

For those you don't know, the famous youtuber PewDiePie reviewed unturned! Oh my god thats true. Unturned gets more hit these days.

Also, the famous youtubers in War Thunder community eNtaK and Baron are featuring unturned videos. Even PhlyDaily thinks to join this game.

Hurray to unturned and hope it gets more hit! Lets hope Nelson fix the servers list :DDDD

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