Captain Pitzzadude Captain Pitzzadude 28 September 2017

So... I'm back mates. What should I talk about next???

So yeah I'm back. My series talking and analyzing guns and weapons in Unturned was... well... uncomplete and soon shall be completed, or should I?? Just tell me dudes, must I complete le series or just stick with the ol' edit stuff in wiki thing? You do the voting.

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ImCrazyGerjan ImCrazyGerjan 22 September 2017


Im back and i really want to be usefull so give me a todo list for the wiki xD

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CorvetteACR CorvetteACR 27 July 2017

New Car

Let us have a moment of silence for my 1972 Vega. It was a good car. BUT ITS NOT MEIN NOW! I managed to get a Orange/Black VH Valiant Charger, and holy god am I happy. I love her thing! My eternal flame for muscle cars shall never die, and now I get to have one of my faverites.

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CorvetteACR CorvetteACR 27 July 2017

Everything that is wrong with my best friend Rekord.

A number of things. From speaking his mind on many "perfectly fine" profile pics to taking action by, well, ask MoltonMontro, BakkaruOni, or Yarrr, Rekord Keryev is an IDIOT. And I don't say that to offend him. It's just a matter of taking action in the worst way possible. Hell, I didn't even know Lostone and DasMemorial even existed before those ridiculous comments about "why your avatar is cancerous because I'm 2 and I can't handle this so I'm questioning humanity" bullshit. Anybody in their right mind would just keep their mouth shut and move along. If anybody has a further opinion on this, or wants to consult me about saying these things about Keryev, post it in the comments or on my message wall.

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CorvetteACR CorvetteACR 27 July 2017


I went back to play the original doom to relive my beautiful years of being 14 in 1993....and it took me 4 HOURS to get through it, just to get stuck fighting the Cyberdemon. I hate you! I had to get Rekord over here to beat it in multiplayer. These are the reasons I threw away my original copy after I beat the game.


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MoltonMontro MoltonMontro 23 July 2017

Svalbard Seedbank in Germany - Explained!

Because everyone loved the almighty greatness of an explanation that was Bricks in Vaccines - Explained!, I bring to you... Svalbard Seedbank in Germany - Explained!

Crop Trust is founded in 2003, which also implies that the apocalypse in-game occurs sometime after 2003 (or voodoo magic).

In 2006, Crop Trust works with the Government of Norway and the Nordic Gene Bank to design a massive seed bank. However, the Nordic Gene Bank knows that Norwegian law would prohibit the storing of genetically modified seeds at the vault, so a deal is made that has the Government of Norway continues to fund most of the facility while Crop Trust functions as a middle-man to have it operate outside of Norway by the Government of Germany (or whatevs' C:).

To make transitioning the…

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MoltonMontro MoltonMontro 21 July 2017

Reverting Vandalism

The best way to revert vandalism (if it is not possible to just Undo the revision) would be to go to the article's History section, which can be reached by one of the following methods:

  • ?action=history at the end of the page link
  • click "History" from the Edit drop-down button
  • hit +

From there, you can go back in history and choose the revision of the page before it was vandalized by clicking on its date/timestamp. After that, just hit (or hit the Edit drop-down button) and publish the original revision.

Although I sometimes forget when I Undo a single revision of vandalism, it is always good to have the Summary box indicate that you reverted vandalism.

In some cases, it is less so vandalism (but still a bad thing) than it is people "editing in good faith."…

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MoltonMontro MoltonMontro 19 July 2017

Most Useful Pants


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Batmanthegamer3 Batmanthegamer3 28 June 2017

load out


i usally go for dmr guns or and other rifles so i can go with  maplestrike or  auewether (i can't  rember names theat well ) with dot sight and 6 or 7 times scope with a military or ranger barrel and vertical grip  with tatical laser or rangefinder or adaptive chambering  for side are the empire or  avenger  or cobra  with dot sight military barrel and vertacal grip and tacical laser or  banonet   for gear all military gear exapt for pants i go with cargo pants andi go with gas mask and night vison or headlamp with a lot of ammo and med kits and mres

Batmanthegamer3 (talk) 18:19, June 28, 2017 (UTC)Batmanthegamer or Harryidaho or Harryidah

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MoltonMontro MoltonMontro 22 June 2017

List of all item-based storages

If you are remotely curious...

10 slots of storage.

All of which are only useful for reasons that do not involve practical storage. Plaques, Rifle Racks, and Trophy Cases display the item put in them.

The Friendly Sentry, Neutral Sentry, and Hostile Sentry aren't classified as Item Storages. Instead, they are Robotic Turrets. They can shoot things when powered if it has a Ranged Weapon in it.

  • Birch Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Birch Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Birch Trophy Case: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Maple Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Maple Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Maple Trophy Case: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Pine Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Pine Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Pine Trophy Case: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Metal Plaque: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Metal Rifle Rack: 5x2 = 10 slots
  • Metal Trophy Case: 5x…
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