Keiji Yoshida Keiji Yoshida 2 April 2019

Server description terms

When I want to play Multiplayer, I can see the listings of servers with their descriptions but I don’t understand the lingo and wander what they are trying to say. Is there already an explanatory listing somewhere?

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Akibadacat Akibadacat 3 December 2018

Christmas, The time to get dragged to your grandmother's house for a christmas dinner

Its December and you know what that means, In some places the snow falls while down under its like sticking your head in an oven. But we all gather with our family and friends to celebrate a joyous occasion, Christmas. But in a post apocalyptic enviroment everyone would slaughter eachother just for the heck of it. I know I'd kill for a timberwolf or grizzly.

Ah... sitting by the christmas tree probably freezing our asses off in yukon, we hear the sounds of zombies getting mowed down by chainsaws and nakeds getting runned over by thanos cars, We all agree that christmas is a joyous time of year. And the only time we get free Christmas mystery boxes.

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Graviton Forfeit Graviton Forfeit 2 October 2018

Unturned ID's

Here are the France ID's.

Security Shirt - 3000

Security Guard Cap - 3001

Carabine - 3002

Carabine Sights - 3003

Carabine Clip - 3004

Musket - 3005

Musket Cartridge - 3006

Upgraded Musket - 3007

Kestrel - 3008

Kestrel Sights - 3009

Kestrel Magazine - 3010

Kestrel Extended Magazine - 3011

Extended Masterkey - 3012

Extended Masterkey Barrels - 3013

Single Shot Shotgun - 3014

Military Top [Normal] - 3015

Military Bottom - 3016

Military Top [Gloved] - 3017

Military Cargo Bottom - 3018

Military Vest [France] - 3019 Kepi - 3020

French Beret - 3021

Military Helmet [France] - 3022

Fusilette - 3023

Fusilette Sights - 3024

Fusilette Magazine - 3025

3025 Rubicon 3026 Rubicon Sights 3027 Rubicon Magazine 3028 Riot Uniform Top [Light] 3029 Riot Uniform Bottom [Light] …

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Col. Sentry Col. Sentry 12 September 2018

1.0 Mega

(friends will be named 1 [guy with PKM] 2: [p90 man]

I remember, playing unturned 1.0 (with sounds and multiplayer, as a mod) with my friends, 1, 2, and me. We had full biosuits and one of us had a rucksack, while I had just an alicepack, the other having a travelpack. We promised no cheats I only had a bluntforce along with 1 getting a PKM with only a single mag, we suddenly came across a mega zombie across the way, we had no idea what it was, being tall and gray, we decided to look, all of a sudden it starts speeding towards 1 and all of my friends started firing, it took down 1 and I decided to run. 2 was left alone to fight the zombie with the weakest fully automatic weapon in the game, 2 suddenly dies and then it goes speeding towards …

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Sheepberts9001 Sheepberts9001 6 September 2018

Your Mom's Basement

hi  i like zubeknakovs

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MartyWiki MartyWiki 14 July 2018

Unturned 4.0 release date guess!

I think.... Unturned 4.0 is gonna be released in the time period of 20.7.2018. - 20.8.2018.

Make your guesses!

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Minedwe Minedwe 11 July 2018

Possible Unturned Community WIki?

   Basically, what I  want is for there to be a separate but related wiki for things like user tutorials, advice on how to play, etc. Yes there are SOME articles like that here, however i want a wiki dedicated in full just to that specific type of article. For example, a section dedicated to blueprints/building ideas, uses for different barricades/buildables, etc and others like a quick start guide. ALmost like a "For Dummies" of Unturned, but digital, and using the Wiki style. Im not very well versed in wiki usage as of yet but i will try to create this. If you'd liek to help or ahve an idea/feedback, please contact me or reply in some way.

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ImCrazyGerjan ImCrazyGerjan 4 June 2018

Operation create pages is starting now.

As of this post imma be creating new pages that are still needed.

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AOceanRaptor AOceanRaptor 15 May 2018

(Roleplaying) Notes Unturned (don't ask, its just for fun)

-Loading- -%10-                              -%23-                        -%59-            -%85-           -%100-  _______WELCOME_______ 

Hi I know that  Augewehr is a fun gun to use, Seriously

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Swiftarrow117 Swiftarrow117 12 March 2018

Heartbreaker page

sorry but the heartbreaker page broke when i tried to add something whoooooops

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