• GenericGamerName

    I made a greentext

    October 24, 2019 by GenericGamerName

    >be me

    >playing on rp server 

    >drive by farm

    >get shot at by 12-year-old leafyishere fanboy

    >12 year old shoots off wheel

    >crash into tree

    >messages the admin about the incident

    >says to meet me at main rp town

    >admin had enough of tucker the fucker

    >meet up with admin

    >gives me some unspawnable items (cuz this is creative rp)

    >ask if more peeps can come

    >says yes

    >gets all the people in the server


    >admin spawns in huey and m60s


    >we fly over to farm

    >tucker starts spraying with nykroyev

    >illegal nykroyev runs out of ammo

    >we land and kill tucker

    >go inside farm

    >blow shit up

    >tucker realizes we are raiding him

    >tucker craps out insults

    >calls us ni**** f***ot, wh***, sl*ts, b*tches, and autistic idubbbz fanboys

    >leave the barn


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  • Yoshida Keiji

    Currently finding out the spots without getting shot in PvP, but I don't know how to edit images like that. Need help.

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  • Muki~chan

    Thx to the owner and all the admins for making this wiki possible!!!!

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  • Muki~chan

    What you're fav gun to use?

    September 7, 2019 by Muki~chan

    My fav gun to use is the zubeknakov cuz "cyka blyat"

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  • DasMemorial

    lovely, i s2g

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  • Gonzaloceballos

    A small question

    April 16, 2019 by Gonzaloceballos

    Remember when i had bad grammar and things?

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  • Keiji Yoshida

    When I want to play Multiplayer, I can see the listings of servers with their descriptions but I don’t understand the lingo and wander what they are trying to say. Is there already an explanatory listing somewhere?

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  • Akibadacat

    Its December and you know what that means, In some places the snow falls while down under its like sticking your head in an oven. But we all gather with our family and friends to celebrate a joyous occasion, Christmas. But in a post apocalyptic enviroment everyone would slaughter eachother just for the heck of it. I know I'd kill for a timberwolf or grizzly.

    Ah... sitting by the christmas tree probably freezing our asses off in yukon, we hear the sounds of zombies getting mowed down by chainsaws and nakeds getting runned over by thanos cars, We all agree that christmas is a joyous time of year. And the only time we get free Christmas mystery boxes.

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  • Graviton Forfeit

    Unturned ID's

    October 2, 2018 by Graviton Forfeit

    Here are the France ID's.

    Security Shirt - 3000

    Security Guard Cap - 3001

    Carabine - 3002

    Carabine Sights - 3003

    Carabine Clip - 3004

    Musket - 3005

    Musket Cartridge - 3006

    Upgraded Musket - 3007

    Kestrel - 3008

    Kestrel Sights - 3009

    Kestrel Magazine - 3010

    Kestrel Extended Magazine - 3011

    Extended Masterkey - 3012

    Extended Masterkey Barrels - 3013

    Single Shot Shotgun - 3014

    Military Top [Normal] - 3015

    Military Bottom - 3016

    Military Top [Gloved] - 3017

    Military Cargo Bottom - 3018

    Military Vest [France] - 3019 Kepi - 3020

    French Beret - 3021

    Military Helmet [France] - 3022

    Fusilette - 3023

    Fusilette Sights - 3024

    Fusilette Magazine - 3025

    3025 Rubicon 3026 Rubicon Sights 3027 Rubicon Magazine 3028 Riot Uniform Top [Light] 3029 Riot Uniform Bottom [Light] …

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  • Col. Sentry

    1.0 Mega

    September 12, 2018 by Col. Sentry

    (friends will be named 1 [guy with PKM] 2: [p90 man]

    I remember, playing unturned 1.0 (with sounds and multiplayer, as a mod) with my friends, 1, 2, and me. We had full biosuits and one of us had a rucksack, while I had just an alicepack, the other having a travelpack. We promised no cheats I only had a bluntforce along with 1 getting a PKM with only a single mag, we suddenly came across a mega zombie across the way, we had no idea what it was, being tall and gray, we decided to look, all of a sudden it starts speeding towards 1 and all of my friends started firing, it took down 1 and I decided to run. 2 was left alone to fight the zombie with the weakest fully automatic weapon in the game, 2 suddenly dies and then it goes speeding towards …

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