Entity Details
Health 100%
Neutral No
Spawn Location Natural Areas
Status Added in
Drops Raw Venison


Extra Information
Speed 4 walking, 8 running
Size Unknown
Color Brown

The Bear is an aggressive animal in Unturned, found in the official map Yukon and the curated maps Greece and California.

It is a strong, fast animal that behaves similarly to Zombies where it chases the Player and other Animals within its detection range.

However, it will run away if a ranged weapon is fired at it at longer distances. It also isn't fast enough to catch up to most vehicles and it can be roadkilled.

Upon death, the Bear drops Raw Venison and Leather.


  • The Bear is one of the first aggressive animals in the game, along with the Wolf.
  • The model for the Bear was changed in
  • The Bear sounds are re-used from Zombies.


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