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Map Satellite Arid 1.png
Mode Survival: Curated
Size Large (4096 m2)



Arid is a large-sized Curated Survival map available in Unturned 3. It is based on multiple different countries western and central Asia and was created by Maciej "Renaxon" Maziarz, Daniel "Danaby2", and Dug. AnimaticFreak, Rolling Chair, Magical Burrito, Timo987, Staswalle, NSTM, Adrian "SirAdy Unleashed" are listed as Collaborators. Additional Thanks is given to Ethan "Vilespring" Lossner and NuclearPotato.

The map is automatically downloaded when launching the game for the first time during the auto-sub period, it can also be downloaded here.

The map creators can be supported by purchasing the Arid Map Mystery Box.

Special thanks are given to all of the pre-release testers: zman1064, P9nda, Lyeont, Kocik, Maciek real, Der Ente, Xaien, CasualKGamingTTV, Dornald, Younus, Blayzer, Professor Prostate, Tridentgames, avert, StarLV, bouly, Malviyn, Lamah, kopfstroh, Alek #Rustypot, azzy, Kraynot, Great Hero J, ender, DOGEE, *WARCORP™, clue, t33m, WiciuWitek, WW_TC, Blixt, Pelks, TheKnightWriter, tiger0331logan, TraindudeGaming, cucuycharles, TheNutMan, kararishere, sas #WKEY, Rigóbácsi, sarge, Fajrant, Skyar_, Phyyrin, Sir_Mudkipzz, >Dream, Timo987, OneMintiBoi, and Fristy.


  • The map was in development for over 23 months.
  • Second desert map.
  • First central Asian map.
    • Primarily based on Afghanistan and surrounding countries.
    • Based on Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979-1989).
    • It presumably takes place in 1982, as Soviet forces are present, and Newspaper item description dates it back to 1982.
    • Possibly dates include 1981, 1982, and 1989 due to the Pre-Release Arid Testing Server
  • Third map taken place in Asia.
  • There is a planned future update which would add Land Rover Defender, Motorcycle, Bus, and Ford Aerostar [1] to Arid.


  1. [Confirmed by Renaxon/Subject to Change]
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Quests, Sales and Barters

Upon first launching the map, you will spawn in the map's safezone, Kana'an Madraj. Inside of Kana'an you can get Quests, Items and Barters from: a Gunsmith named Red, Gear vendor named Huey, and Base supplier called "the Architect". First, start all primary quests, one from each major NPC (Red, Huey, Architect), it will unlock more Barters (Which are very important in PvP, as they grant exclusive unobtainable items), Sales options and further quests. Fulfilling all three of Fifth stage quests will reward player with a box that is virtually indestructible (25k Health).


There's three safezones on Arid:

  • Fishing Lounge, A fishing pond with NPC nearby to buy all fish that the player catches. Taxi can teleport player to West Side or Kana'an Madraj.
  • West Side, A bus stop with a Taxi parked nearby that by use of NPC teleports player to either the Lounge or Kana'an Madraj.
  • Kana'an Madraj, Main safezone containing all the Barters, the Salesmen and other NPCs. Taxi can take player to the Lounge or West Side.

Map Access

To progress in Arid, you require these 3 items. Without these, it is impossible to finish the map, and nearly impossible to get good loot.

  • Rescue Saw, used opening metal barricades in Kahramaan Airfield, Shaal Waterstation, the mine and Point Oscar. Is crafted with a Saw Chain, a Saw Blade, a Broken Rescue Saw, Motor Oil, a White Fuse, and a Toolbox(non-consumable).
  • Keys, allowing access to AG-17, AG-18, AG-19, AG-19MS and various other places.
  • Biohazard Suit coupled with a Gasmask, whole set is necessary to safely traverse Fort Knell, and to preserve filters in AG-19 as well as AG-19MS.

If you want to avoid using the saw, you can also use explosives, altough it's far more expensive. In these rooms, you can find materials needed to craft primary Nightvision goggles.

Obtaining AG-Complex and SACR Keys

As stated in previous paragraph, keys are mandatory to progress in Arid. The best way to collect keys is in order in which they will be needed:

  • AG-17 Key, obtainable in Tamara Complex, or commonly called "Radar Station". Unlocks first segment of undergorund AG complex.
  • RS2 Key, obtainable after entering AG-17 through main gate in Tamara Complex. Unlocks Radio Station room within the Radio Dish of Tamara Complex.
  • AG-18 Key, obtainable after entering Radio Station room withing the dish. Unlocks second segment of underground AG complex, called AG-18.
  • SACR1 Key, obtainable after entering AG-18. Unlocks SACR1 room in Kahramaan Airfield.
  • AG-19 Key, obtainable after traversing through AG-18. It's the first key that is slightly harder to get as it pushes player to wander deeper into AG-18 and scout out the bunker. Unlocks first segment of first Deadzone. Warning! Gasmask is required to enter AG-19.
  • SACR2 Key, obtainable after entering AG-19. Unlocks SACR2 room in Kahramaan Airfield. Warning! Gasmask is required to enter AG-19.
  • AG-19MS Key, obtainable after entering SACR2. It is hidden under a shelf which is hard to spot at first glance. Unlocks optional MS room, being an armory and and integral part of AG-19. AG-19MS is clearly aimed at a PvP experience, as only high quality Ammo and weapons spawn there.

This list concludes all keys that are mandatory to open up all of AG complex as well as SACR loot rooms which provide helpful resources.

Obtaining additional and EUS Keys

EUS Keys are only used in Fort Knell. Gathering them will grant access to all major rooms in Fort Knell. Additional keys are two items used to broaden access of already accessible rooms, them being Gunshop Keys and B2 key.

  • EUS-A3 Key, obtainable in Point November. It's merely hidden behind a sandbag and a medical brf. Unlocks EUS-A3 room in Fort Knell.
  • EUS-B14 Key, obtainable at the "Northmost Radio Tower" as stated by Red. It's a quest item that coupled with Dossier found inside of EUS-B14 will fulfill Red's final Quest. Unlocks B14 room in Fort Knell and access to a Dossier.
  • EUS-A5 Key, obtainable in A3 room in Fort Knell. Unlocks A5 room in Fort Knell. A5 room is more of a shortcut, although a worthy one, as it allows to save precious Filters.
  • EUS-B4 Key, obtainable in a barricaded room in Fort Knell. In order to open it, you will need a Rescue Saw or Explosives. Unlocks B4 room, which boasts an AMR sniper rifle.

This concludes Keys that are important in PvP combat, as well as quests (EUS B14). There's still two minor keys left, them being:

  • Gunshop Key, located underneath a bed in apartment 7 of B building in apartment complex. Unlocks the backroom of the Gunshop. The backroom contains scopes and rifles.
  • B2 Key, obtainable after entering storage room of bank. It's hidden behind a metal plate. Unlocks B2 Room inside bank offices, which has currency you may trade with an NPC.

These are all keys in the game, other keys such as "Key" and "Handcuff Key" are ordinary Items and are not to be confused.

Accessing Deadzones.

Accessing Deadzones is the pinnacle of an Unturned playthrough. Although rewarding, it boasts great danger to unprotected players. Arid is the first map to employ two stages of Deadzone Protection. In order to access AG-19 or AG-19MS you will need nothing more than a gasmask and 1 Filter. Accessing Fort Knell is far harder as you'll need a second stage of protective gear called the Biohazard Suit (Biohazard Top + Biohazard Bottom + Gasmask). Most expensive part of protective equipment is the filter as it's crafting involves multi-stage gathering.

  • Biohazard suit is fairly straight forward, both Top and Bottom are made with 3 Rolls of Lead, 1 Roll of Cloth and 2 HQ Fabric.
  • Gasmask is made with 1 Filter, 3 HQ Fabric, 2 Lenses and Toolbox (Toolbox is not consumable).
  • Filter on the other hand consists of 2 charcoal, 4 Plastic Fragments and 3 Steel Mesh making it far harder to obtain outside of Beacons.

Charcoal is made by cutting down a tree and crafting it using 6 logs near a campfire. Steel Mesh is obtainable from Construction Sites, Carepackages and Beacons. Plastic is by far the most common resource that can be salvaged from almost all devices such as Radios, Clocks, Keyboards etc.

Entering Deadzones

Preferable Strategy inside AG-19: When first entering AG-19 don't waste time exploring, you need to secure two major things: SACR2 key, and 9 Rolls of Lead. SACR2 key is needed to gain entrance into AG-19MS. Rolls of Lead are needed to fulfill fifth quest of Huey (Bring 3 Rolls of Lead). Last 6 rolls are needed to craft Biohazard Suit. Next, leave AG-19 and come back with more filters to properly search the facility. After coming back, focus on securing weapons and SSDs. The weapons are very high quality, and with easily accessible ammo. SSDs are needed for Horde Beacon, Distress Beacon, and most importantly fifth quest of the Architect (Bring 4 SSDs). After all that, do as you please and stock up for Fort Knell.


This armory only has usage in PvP scenarios. It presents extremely rare and precious weapons, mostly explosives, some even consisting of Iridium metal.

Accessing Fort Knell

After you stocked up on Filters, guns, gear and obtained full biohazard suit you are ready to face the harshness of Fort Knell. Wander near the Northeast edge of the perimeter, that being Orange/Red area on your Chart/Map. Remember that whole complex is off radar, thus it's hard to navigate using top-down view. Don't bother putting down a bedroll, if you die inside of the fort, you items will face despawning, as you'll need full biohazard set to retrieve them. Fort Knell provides very high quality items most notably the AMR and LTC Jacket. Just as like in the AG-19, Knell has exclusive weapons and gear. It is advised to bring 3+ filters.

Proposed Fort Knell options

  • Wandering outside, You can stay outside and focus on killing Mega Zombie that will drop LTC Jacket, or kill CIA operatives, they are easily identified by wearing Suits instead of armor, and having Documents Bag strapped on their shoulder which is a barter item for "Informant" NPC, being a non-zombified CIA agent.
  • Wandering inside, and focusing on looting the High tier armor and weapons.
  • Wandering inside, getting all quest related items and looting every closed room with use of keys mentioned previously.

Take note, that there are many other ways to navigate the compound. All options are considered in mind with limited filter time. Nonetheless you will be unable to build any base even in big distance of Fort Knell, as every urban/military/inhabited place is locked out of build limits.


As base building is heavily restricted, use of vehicles as moving storage is an option worth of checking out. Unfortunately, on Arid, you cannot put any buildables on cars, even pickups such as HAYLEX or M80 Jeep. That restriction also includes BRDM-2 APC, URAL truck and ZUK-13 van, however, vehicles have much higher storage in this map then others, making this still a viable option.

Base Building.

Arid employs a lock on building near the cities and other locations, even those unlisted. For singleplayer use it's recommended to build near Kana'an Madraj for easy access of safezone and NPCs, near main city, in a small chapel between the city and the overpass, or in the middle with use of Taxi to teleport from edge to edge. Nonetheless base building is highly advised, as amount of gear acquired over the course of game is staggering. Bases may vary in material, ranging from simple Wood, to Metal or even Adamantium, being beefed up metal structures that are virtually unbreakable, although immensely expensive.


The USA and possibly it's allies employ MH-47 or perhaps standard Chinook helicopters to airdrop Carepackages onto Arid. These airdrops contain wide variety of items ranging from weapons supplied within weapon cases, crates of water and food to resources such as HQ Fabric, Steel Mesh and other minor items. Most notable of these items, and as such those that are most important are HQ Fabric, which is needed to produce Biohazard suits and a Gasmask, Steel Mesh which is needed to make filters and gun cases boasting rare weapons, or sometimes weapons that are obtainable only through Bartering with NPCs.


One of many ways to gather rare loot quickly is by way of setting up a beacon and luring zombies into rage state. On Arid, you can build either a Distress Beacon being a medium challenge spawning 79 zombies with one Mega Zombie as last enemy. More experienced players will make a Beacon Of The Horde, this contraption will enrage 99 zombies and one Mega Zombie, most notable difference beside looks is the loot that it gives out. Difference isn't visible in amount of loot, but in it's rarity with exclusivity of one-use Armory Keycards spawning only after completing Beacon Of The Horde, which can be used to obtain High Tier Loot in Fort Knell.

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