ID 54 [Normal] • 168 [European] • 23009 [Carpat]
Seats 4
Trunk 20 Storage (5x4)
Forward 69 kph • 43 mph
Backward 29.5 kph • 18 mph
Brake 32
File Name Ambulance • Ambulance_German • Ambulance_Carpat
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Ambulance is an Uncommon Car in Unturned 3.


For the Normal Variant:

It can be found sometimes at Medical Locations, which is usually around hospitals or sometimes fire stations. It can currently be found in most maps. These maps are:

For the German Variant:

Germany: It can be found at Medical Locations.

France: It can be found at Medical Locations, notably being easier to find at Le Mans Hospital.

Belgium: It can be found at Medical Locations.

Ireland: It is not confirmed if it can be found here. If it can be, it can be found at Medical Locations.

For the Carpathian Variant:

Carpat: It can sometimes be found at Medical Locations.


The Ambulance has many similarities to the Van, though is a bit larger, and is marked with a red H. (Previously was red cross, changed in update.)

The German variant has a chartreuse green paint color, with a blue light bar on the roof.

The Carpathian variant features a long horizontal red stripe on the sides, as well as a small red cross(?), two small blue sirens.



  • Decent speed.
  • Large fuel tank.
  • Decent cargo space.


  • No rear window.
  • Attracts zombies farther when the siren is activated.
  • Has a tendency to be very unstable on elevation changes, especially off-road.

Carpathian Variant:

  • Has few seats
  • Passengers are vulnerable to gunfire.


  • The Carpathian Ambulance shares a resemblance to a UAZ-396295 or UAZ-452.

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