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Alpha Valley Map-alpha-valley.png

Map Type: Arena
Number of Locations: 2
First Appearance: Version
Description: Battle to the last team standing in an updated version of the first map created for 3.0. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Alpha Valley is an Arena map in Unturned 3. The map is available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, however there is little point in playing on singleplayer. The arena wall will randomly choose a location to close on, choosing either the town, farm, or lake.


  • Alpha
  • Bravo

Unlisted Locations:

  • Caved-in tunnel
  • Lake


  • It was previously named as 'Devtest' in the early versions of Unturned 3, a map used for showing newer content. It was removed after the addition of Canada, and came back as 'Alpha Valley'.
    • The name is likely based on being used as an alpha map in early development and the hills surrounding the area make it into a valley. It is also likely the name comes from the town being called "Alpha".
  • Alpha Valley is likely Ontario in Canada due to its similar building placement excluding taller buildings that were added to make it look like a city.
  • Around the area where the car is crashed into the guardrail there are 5 billboards, each one a reference to a person who is a part of the Unturned community.
  • The Shadowstalker found in each arena map is found in the bottom of the lake in this map.


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