Location: Liberator
Given by: Peter
Rewards: +200 Experience

+20 Reputation

Aftershock is a Quest in Unturned 3.


During Peter's escape from Yekativurg he barely avoided a giant zombie that pounced from the air, slamming into the ground, causing "miniature earthquakes". He hasn't been able to get it out of his mind and would really appreciate knowing it had been dealt with.


  1. Speak to Peter in one of the tents on the Liberator.
  2. Travel to Yekativurg and kill the Groundpounder Boss.
  3. Speak to Peter again and complete quest.

The boss is a little more easier than the other two bosses since its ability has very limited range. However, if you do get hit by its quake, you will take a lot of damage from it. Any weapon can be used, but guns with high ammo capacity are recommended to slay this boss.


I'm very happy to be aboard!

  • Seen anything weird lately? (Show quest.)
  • I killed that boss zombie! (Turn in quest.)
  • Glad to hear it

Good luck! If you run into it keep your distance or you'll get crushed! (Quest accepted.)

Wow that's amazing! I feel much safer already. (Quest completed.)