7x Scope
7x Scope 153
File 7x_Scope
ID 153
Rarity Rare
Type Sight Attachment
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)
Zoom 7x



The 7x Scope is a Rare Sight Attachment in Unturned 3.

It reduces spread on a ranged weapon while aiming down the sight by 30%.


It is able to be found at any Militia/Ranger locations on almost all maps.

Russia: Can be found at all military locations.

Carpat: Not much is known about its spawns, and it may not even spawn on this map.



  • The 7x Zoom Scope's magnification is high enough to enable mid-to-long range combat while remaining low enough to allow the user to fight at closer ranges.
  • Its crosshair's design is unobtrusive, allowing the user to more easily acquire targets.
  • It is fairly common to find in Ranger Locations.
  • The reticle is thin enough to not obscure the target at long range.
  • The tip of each chevron mark can aid in compensating for bullet drop.


  • Its lower magnification means optics such as the 8x Scope and 16x Scope may be better for longer range.
  • Its high zoom may prove detrimental when fighting in CQB situations.


  • The Unturned Classic Matamorez has the 7x Zoom Scope attached to it by default.
  • The 7x Zoom Scope is based on the PSO-1 scope, a long-range Russian optic designed for the Dragunov SVD. It is also used on other Russian weapons with a dovetail mount, such as the VAL and AK series.
  • It is the only scope that is dovetail-mounted. Instead of a weaver rail, AK-derived weapons come with a dovetail mount on the side of the lower receiver to provide the ability to mount optics.
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The PSO1 is a Sight Attachment in Antique. It is equipped to the VSS by default.

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