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The rules of the wiki are guidelines for behavior when editing, communicating, or doing any other action on the wiki. These rules are subject to change at any time without prior warning, but it will be noted on the main page and this page when they've been last updated. Any rules not specified here that are in Wikia's terms of use apply to this wiki as well. The punishments for violating these rules are subject to the severity of the offense and it usually results in a warning except for the most serious of offenses.


  • Swearing is tolerated to a great extent, though any rude language targeted towards others in an aggressive manner is prohibited.
  • Griefing is considered a serious offense, this includes but is not limited to the following: spamming, intentionally inserting false information on the wiki, uploading inappropriate images to the wiki, and harassing players via any means of communication on the wiki.
  • Blogs which have little to do with the wiki or Unturned are allowed, though relevance is preferred.
  • Unofficial Unturned content such as player-made mods/maps are to be limited to the forums and blogs. This will prevent confusion involving official and player-made content.
  • Before any advertisement to any external website is made, contact Deathismad for approval. If the website is already listed on the front page or is widely used, then it is permitted unless if an admin or Wikia Staff takes issue with it.
  • Do not instigate or participate in any edit wars.
  • Do not create or insert information regarding game innards, such as lines of code onto the wiki. Item IDs of items in versions 3.0 and past are allowed.
  • Pages that aren't about official game content are to be limited to the forums and blog posts to keep the wiki clean. This includes game theory, opinions, stories, and generally anything without a direct relevance to gameplay aspects. If you want to ask about an exception to this, contact Deathismad.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.